Valley High Call Back

I recently had a call back for a music video adaptation of Drew Gasparini's stand alone song, "Valley High". It's a beautiful, catchy, folksy, pop rock, musical theatre song. (I am now obsessed with this song). Check out Drew's work on itunes or youtube!

After almost a year and a half hiatus from auditioning, this was my first musical theatre audition back in the game. It felt so good. Since I was called back for two different roles, I had to learn to different tracks. Two different harmonies. Harmony freaks me out. I never really put much faith into myself as a singer--though I am cast in musical theatre gigs all the time, I don't consider myself a singer. 

For a week I buckled down and went through each track over and over again. The day of call backs, I felt like I rocked it out the first rounds, but the second round one of the other performers began to sing MY harmony, I became flustered, and it severely threw me off. I was so upset, but was proud to know I can hold my own.

What a fun and supportive audition process though! They called back some great talent!! Though I didn't book this gig, I can not wait to see their finished piece. Honestly, I wish the song was part of a full length musical (stage or film) it's just so good!

Check the link above to see a highlight teaser of the call backs!


PS. It feels great to be back, being an ARTIST!! :) PRAISE HIM!


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