Rest In Peace ROCK of AGES! The Musical

Sad to see Rock of Ages close on Broadway tomorrow. I never auditioned for the show, though I would have loved to play Franz. ROA is a show that literally knew. what. it. was.--didn't take itself too seriously, and is one of those shows that introduced new audiences to theatre, and helped redefine "what theatre is" without being pretentious and overly intellectual.

The show came to New World Stages--where the entire building fell in love with this little show that could, and in fact DID become a Broadway success (and movie (...which in my opinion didn't capture the "fucking awesomeness" that the stage show exuded)) for a lengthy run. Jukebox musical, play, rock concert...this is the good kinda campy theatre that I like to see. A truly fun night out

Will Swenson...will always be my favorite actor to portray "Stacee Jaxx", the eccentric reckless bad boy rocker, on the verge of being washed up. Will's "Stacee" was sooo charistmatic and wild and sexy... He would look into the audience and flirt with a girl from the stage as she could barely contain herself. Stacee would then look next to her, at the guy she came with, and flirt even harder with him too!...NEVER did I see any of the guys from the audience get all homophobic. EVERY reaction was: look left, look right, have a genuine look of "i don't know what this feeling is, but fuck yeah dude", throw rock signs up, and shout the love back to Stacee on stage, as the crowd went crazy.

The writing was so clever that no matter who did some of the roles, the lines were always sure to get a laugh.

Such a wild, fun, high energy show with great music and orchestrations.

Happy closing ROA! smile emoticon

Cue: Fogmaster 5000


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